Australian Visas for several countries are issued electronically. Please check the information to the right to confirm if you are eligible.

NOTE: Electronic visas are only for tourists and those going for business meetings. Other types of visas have more extensive requirements.

 Visas for Australia

Below you will find information about obtaining a visa for Australia. If you have questions at any point in the process, click the  and you will be directed to a pop-up page with more information; close that once your question is answered and proceed.

Tourist and Business Visas for the following Passport holders can be obtained electronically:

  • United States
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea

If your Passport-type does not appear above, please call us for details as the information on this page only applies to electronic visas.


  • Signed Passport with at least six months validity and blank visa pages

  • We do not need you to ship us your Passport but we do require a clear copy or scan of the Information Page of the Passport  . This must be a PDF file and be clear. After placing your order (see below) send the scan as a .pdf file to:

  • Please indicate in the email with the scan of your Passport whether you require a tourist or business visa. We can only obtain visas for tourism and simple business trips (i.e., business meetings, etc.) with this method. Other options need to click HERE for information

  • Complete residential address, phone number and email address in the United States

  • List of any former names such as maiden name or married names

  • If you are a citizen of more than one country, provide scans of both current passports

  • The applicant must currently be in the United States to apply for an electronic visa 

  • (for Non-US Passport holders) Clear copy or scan of front and back of Alien Registration Card ("Green Card") or copy of U.S. visa in Passport


Once we receive this information we will submit it and when the Visa is approved, we will email you a copy of the electronic approval with your Reference Number. There is no Visa actually stamped in the Passport for ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) and eVisitor Visas to Australia; it is registered electronically and will be retrieved by your airline and when you enter Australia.


Please Note: When placing an online order for Australia, chose "Provide your own airbill/Pick up in our office" as your shipping option; this will make the shipping cost zero. Shipping charges will not be refunded if you fail to do this.

Please keep track of your previous Australian visas as we cannot get an ETA or eVisitor Visa if you already have a valid one unless you still have the original ETA or eVisitor Reference Number. Fees will not be refunded if you apply but already have a vaild Visa or if you are denied due to not being in the US at the time of application


Processing Times and Fees:

Processing Type: Service Fee:
Regular Processing, US Passports — 3 or more Business days: $70
Rush Processing, US Passports Passport less than — 3 Business days: $130
Regular Processing, European Passports — 10 or more Business days: $100
Rush Processing, European Passports — 8 to 9 Business days: $160

Australia charges: $30 for electronic visas

Place order:

  1. Enter your Departure Date below, then Select a Service below that. When the pop-up window appears, click "OK" to calculate fees. Click "BUY NOW" and follow the instructions on each page. After billing, shipping and credit card info is completed scan your Passport and email or fax it to us.. If you need more than one Service, either place separate orders online or use option 2 below.
  2. If you prefer not to place an online order or need multiple Services, use our VISA/PASSPORT ORDER FORM. Complete all information and scan this along with the Passport and email it to us. Once the ETA is complete and we will email you a confirmation and receipt.

Please Note: When placing an online order for Australia, chose "Provide your own airbill/Pick up in our office" as your shipping option; this will make the shipping cost zero. Shipping charges will not be refunded if you fail to do this.

Type: Visa
Country: Australia
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Select a Service:
Weekends and Holidays do not count as processing days.
Regular (3 days)-US Passports
Rush (less than 3 days)-US Passports
Regular (10+ days)-European Passports
Rush (8-9 days)-European Passports

American Visa Service - 53 West Jackson - Suite 1226 - Chicago, IL 60604  (312) 922-8860 fax (312)922-7578


Note: Visa documents not in our office by 9:30 a.m. (CST) may be submitted the following business day and/or may be charged additional rush fees to meet a date of departure. We suggest you ship documents by UPS Early AM with signature waived as all other options generally arrive too late for submission. All passport documents will be submitted the day after they are received. AVS is not responsible for deliveries to our office. American Visa Service, Inc. is not responsible for passports lost, delayed or damaged by any government office, Consulate or delivery service. American Visa is not responsible for the websites of other offices nor for problems with those sites. Fees and/or requirements may change with little or no advance notice. All cancelled orders will incur a 10% credit card fee to cover the fees AVS is charged by Visa/MC/Amex to process charges and refunds.