There is no jurisdiction for Passports; American Visa Service can process US Passport applications for anyone.
If you need a Passport processed in less than 9 days, please call us before sending documents.

US Passports

The information on this page applies to: those who have never had a Passport, renewal of a Passport that is beyond 15 years from its issue date, lost, stolen or damaged Passports, and Passports for minors (not yet 16 when expired or expiring passport was issued). If you have a question at any point in the process click the  and you will be directed to a pop-up page with more information; close that once your question is answered and proceed.

Step 1: Gather Documents

You will need to have the following documents ready to help fill out the application (see Step 2) and to take for your personal appearance (see Step 3):

  • Proof of Citizenship - Certified copy of Birth Certificate, Naturalization Certificate or previous Passport. Click here for more info =>

  • 2 Passport-type photos. You must remove glasses for these photos. Click here for more info =>

  • Authorization Letter giving American Visa Service permission to act on your behalf. Click here for more info =>  . You must use this new letter and check only the first two boxes. Click HERE for the letter.

  • Proof of departure: Itinerary or copy of tickets required if leaving in less than 9 days or a business letter from company will work if leaving in 9 days or more. Click here for more info => ?

  • DS-11 Form which must be filled out online (see Step 2). Do not sign the application until you are at your personal appearance (see Step 3). Once you complete the online form, print two copies of it. You must include the extra copy outside your sealed envelope to us.

  • We must submit sealed envelopes within 5 days of the sealed date; ship us the documents immediately after they are sealed.

  • If you have lost a Passport or it has been stolen, a DS-64 form will be generated as part of the application process - see below.

  • If your Passport is damaged, provide a written explanation of how it was damaged. This must be signed by the applicant.

Everything listed above must be sealed in the envelope by the Passport Agent -see below

Step 2: Complete Application online

In order for American Visa Service to handle an application it must be made online through the US State Department website. Please click HERE for a guide to filling out the online application and refer to this pop-up window as you make the application. Once you have completed this process, print 2 copies of the application: one you take to your personal appearance - see below - and other is sent to AVS, outside the sealed envelope. We must have this second copy before submitting.

Click HERE to start the online application

Step 3: Personal Appearance

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents and printed your online application, you must make an appearance at a local Post Office or Court House that performs passport work. Click HERE to find a location near you.

The local agent will review your documents, swear you in and have you sign your application. You must make your payment to the US Department of State at this time  which must inlcude the $60 Expediting Fee. The agent should seal all your documents into an envelope, place official seals on it and release this envelope to you; this is what you need to ship to us. All documents listed - with the exception of the AVS order form - must be sealed by the local agent in the envelope; the US State Department will no longer accept documents attached outside the sealed envelope. Please make certain you ARE NOT including a shipping fee in the check to the "Department of State" which is sealed in the envelope. The sealed check should be for $170 for an adult, $140 for a minor, or $200 for an adult also getting a passport card. The $35 Execution Fees must be paid separately from the check to the US State Department.

In addition to the documents already listed you must also take:

  • a state-issued ID such as Driver's License or State ID

  • checkbook or credit card for payment to US Department of State; Note that payments should not include shipping and checks must be clearly written, with the correct date. Incorrect payments will slow the process and incur additional fees from AVS. A shipping fee should NOT be included in this payment nor should the $35 Execution Fee.

Minors and parents of minors, click HERE for important information.

Outside the envelope sealed by the local agent. we need the complete name, date of birth and last four digits of the social security number of the applicant inside and the extra copy of the application form - see above. We cannot submit your sealed envelope without the extra copy of the application. Click HERE for a form to fill out.

Step 4: Ship the sealed envelope

Please Note: Because AVS cannot review documents in a sealed envelope there will be additional charges for any errors made; it is very time-consuming to correct a problem at the Chicago Passport Agency. Please call us if you have questions. Sealed envelopes MUST BE SHIPPED to us right away; we cannot submit them if the stamps are over 5 days old. We submit to the Passport Agency at 7:45 am most days so documents will be submitted the day AFTER they are received.

The sealed envelope must be shipped to our address:

American Visa Service
Attn: Passports
53 West Jackson
Suite 1226
Chicago, IL  60604

Processing Times and Fees:

Processing Type: Service Fee:
Regular Processing — 10 or more Business days: $100
Quick Processing — 6 - 9 Business days: $200
Rush Processing —   3 to 5 Business days $300
Urgent Processing —   1 to 2 Business days $400

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Note: Visa documents not in our office by 9:30 a.m. (CST) may be submitted the following business day and/or may be charged additional rush fees to meet a date of departure. We suggest you ship documents by UPS Early AM with signature waived as all other options generally arrive too late for submission. All passport documents will be submitted the day after they are received. AVS is not responsible for deliveries to our office. American Visa Service, Inc. is not responsible for passports lost, delayed or damaged by any government office, Consulate or delivery service. American Visa is not responsible for the websites of other offices nor for problems with those sites. Fees and/or requirements may change with little or no advance notice. All cancelled orders will incur a 10% credit card fee to cover the fees AVS is charged by Visa/MC/Amex to process charges and refunds.